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Application Procedure
New surface: New surface should be given enough time to mature. Prepare surface using Emery Paper 180 and wipe clean. Old surface: Using an Emery Paper sand the surface free of all loose and powdery material and old paint films. Wipe it clean using a clean cotton cloth. Finishing: Apply 2 coats of Archer Interior Primer thinned with 60 - 70% by volume of potable water. Precaution - Do not over dilute. - Stir well and strain before use.

Safety Procedure
    • Store in well ambient conditions, ventilated locations & away from the source of ignition and fire.
    • Keep away from children.
    • In case of eye/skin contact, wash with plenty of water.
    • Inhalation / Injection will cause danger. In case, move to fresh air & consult medical practitioners in both the cases.
    • Do not apply when ambient temperature might drop to levels below 10°C within 4 hrs of application.
    • Avoid extra thinning for better results.
    • The container must be tightly closed when not in use. Stir well and strain before use.
    • Use safety equipments like rubber or polythene gloves, safety goggles / glasses & face mask.

    • Covering capacity of the paint depends on the surface preparation, substrate, application process and other factors.
    • The practical coverage will differ from the theoretical covering capacity mentioned here.