Products | Super Shine Enamel

Application Procedure
Clean the surface using an Emery Paper 180 so that loose particles, old cracked paint, dust and grease can be removed. Wipe the surface clean before painting. Depending on the type of surface apply one coat of primer - For metal surface apply Ultra Metal Primer, for wooden surface apply Ultra Wood Primer White and for Concrete surface use Ultra Cement Primer and let it dry for 6 - 8 hours. Repair all cracks and dents on the surface by applying suitable Filler / Putty. Ensure proper drying of the Putty / Filler. Apply another coat of thin coat primer and let it dry for 6 - 8 hours and sand it using Emery Paper 320. Apply 2 coats of Super Shine Enamel by thinning it down using approx 10% General Purpose Thinner. Interval between the coats should be atleast 8 hours.

Safety Procedure
    • Store in well ambient conditions, ventilated locations & away from the source of ignition and fire.
    • Keep away from children.
    • In case of eye/skin contact, wash with plenty of water.
    • Inhalation / Injection will cause danger. In case, move to fresh air & consult medical practitioners in both the cases.
    • Do not apply when ambient temperature might drop to levels below 10°C within 4 hrs of application.
    • Avoid extra thinning for better results.
    • The container must be tightly closed when not in use. Stir well and strain before use.
    • Use safety equipments like rubber or polythene gloves, safety goggles / glasses & face mask.

    • Covering capacity of the paint depends on the surface preparation, substrate, application process and other factors.
    • The practical coverage will differ from the theoretical covering capacity mentioned here.